Welcome to The Aucklandista

This is the sister site to The Wellingtonista. We hope to bring you the same kind of great insider knowledge, and information about events, places to eat and drink, things to do and issues with the buses that the Wellingtonista has been delivering for the past four years. We suspect there might be a different feel to the Aucklandista though, as it won’t be entirely populated by public servants, but we shall have to see!


5 Responses

  1. If I may make a suggestion/request: please please please please please please get rid of the little pop up windows that float over text links. Thanks.

    And that’s my two cents

  2. Done! Thank you.

  3. Cool. So are you looking for contributions or have you got it all under control?

  4. We’re definitely looking for contributors. What do you want to write about? We’ll have to convene a secret panel to discuss you.

  5. Ah, you got me there. Writing about drinking, Wellingtonista-style, could pose a problem as I mainly drink alone at home.

    I really like to write about sport, but would also feel comfortable covering cheap food court lunches, Real Groovy’s bargin bins, places to swim, cycling in Auckland traffic, pub quizzes, general web and gadget geekery, and impending parenthood. My other blog is here (seems to be down right at the minute).

    I really like what you all do for Wellington and think Auckland needs to celebrate its nooks and crannies a bit more. Secret panel away, I’ve never met any of you guys, so could be tricky (!).

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