What Is Going On?

What you see below is one my favorite things in Auckland.

It currently resides outside the great Tanuki Cave on Queen Street (best Tanuki Cave memory: Peter Montgomery offering me squid rings).


I do not know what it is, but I know it haunts my dreams.



Update: here’s a Japanese tourist poster explaining nearly everything you need to know about the Tanuki.


No mention of the nipples and ball, but I quite like explanation of the stomach’s function: “Have calmness and daring.”

Yeah, that’s how it works for me too.


11 Responses

  1. This may blow your mind a little, but thing in question is actually a Tanuki. The Japanese Raccoon Dog (seriously)

  2. it’s a tanuki! (unsurprisingly…)

    you can tell by the mischievious grin and the gigantic testicles.

  3. Does it have to have nipples tho?

  4. Of course it has to have nipples! There’s a Tom Robbins novel about Tanukis called Villa Incognito that you should read, and if I had a scanner, I’d dig out a photo that my parents took when we went to a village in Japan that specialises in ceramics and most specifically tanukis, of a 13 year old me standing next to a tanuki of the same height. It’ll blow your mind, maaaaaaan.

  5. Well, it’s a mammal, so it needs the nipps to feed its young.

    Though they are rather large boobs, which sits strangely with his large testicles.

  6. nooo.. those are man-boobs. the tanuki is basically a cross between a buddha and a horny raccoon.

    self-indulgent, but extremely wise on it.

  7. I think the Tanuki balls are subtly referred to as “blob” on that poster. So big balls = lucky with money.

    Hm. I think I might get the virtue tonight.

  8. You’re going to get big balls tonight, Robyn? \m/ !

  9. I recommend* getting the balls at the Tanuki Cave

    *octopus balls that is

  10. Get the virtue = sake!

    If I said, “i’s gonna be lucky with money 2night!!!” then I’d be talking about balls.

  11. It looks like Furby’s inbred country cousin.

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