Cross Street Carnival

Cross StreetYou know Cross Street? It runs parallel to K Road, between Upper Queen Street and Mercury Lane. It’s the real bad-ass looking street that gets used in TV commercials whenever Auckland needs to look gritty and urban. Yeah, that one.

So, this Saturday, 16 February, is the Cross Street Carnival. Awesome! The official word promises:

Celebrating the year of the rat K Road styles. Street level entertainment, bad ass crafts, mad ethic eats, fruity performance art, dancing, human mayhem, hot local bands and major pandemonium all up your neighbourhood.

There used to be a K Road Karnival, but as K Road is a major inner-city road and motorway feeder, it never quite worked.

Cross Street, however, is a li’l one-way street that’s slowly becoming more vibrant and arty and less utilitarian, so I reckon it’ll be worth checking out.


5 Responses

  1. carnival sounds great!

    but i wouldn’t attend on the outright lameness of the official word.

    it’s a freaking carnival, not a breakdance party…

    “major p… *all up in* your neighbourhood!”… WTF?

  2. I’m more interested in the “mad ethic eats”. I wonder what ethics will be eaten, and will there be a discussion afterwards about the moral and socialistic implications of the nom-nomz.

  3. maybe they’re only eating angry ethics?

    “libertarians and kiwiblog commentators in bbq sauce, $2 per”

  4. “libertarians and kiwiblog commentators in bbq sauce, $2 per”

    I reckon they’d leave a pretty bitter salty taste in your mouth eh.

  5. I so wish I could be there, I lived on Cross St 6 years ago and when I got back into the country went to a kick arse gig/party with shock rockers Meat Bix. My bag with camera, journal and Christmas presents got stolen from the steps of the party on Cross St (duh!) welcome come, you aren’t in Tokyo anymore honey…

    If anyone knows anything about that bag I would love to get some of the stuff back.

    Sentimental value.

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