Misery doesn’t love company

We’re not normally in the business of reprinting press releases straight, but today I figured I’d be the NZ Herald to Misery’s Bob McCroskie*:


It is with a mixture of emotions that we announce the closure of the Misery clothing label.
The team at Illicit is happy to acknowledge that Misery is choosing to pursue her career as a fine artist, with upcoming shows in N.Z, Australia and the U.S.A.

Maintaining an international clothing label is a full time job not only for the Artist, but also for the entire design team at Illicit.
Both parties have agreed that without the creative resources available to dedicate to the Misery label, it is best to see the brand close than have it deteriorate in any way.

We will be having a mammoth closing down sale at the Misery Boutique on Aucklands K’rd as well as through the internet site, so that you can have a last chance To get your favourite Misery T’s. Misery and Illicit thank you all for your support over the past 6 years.

Illicit will be opening a new boutique in the coming months so keep your eyes open and watch this space!

This announcement might not come as any great surprise to anyone who’s been to the Misery website lately and seen that it’s not been updated since 2006. So off you go, all you ragingly alternative 15 year old girls, go get your misery on…

* That or I’m just very lazy today


2 Responses

  1. “Misery doesn’t love company” – best headline ever!

  2. ” I love Misery’s company! Don’t GO!”…. What’s a New Yorker to do?? I still sport all your gear… got it from when your guys were in NY back in the day. I was dating Clinton (Lee) Tamasi.. he was buddies w/ u guys, don’t know if u know him. But anyway.. please let me know if there’s a way to get back-stock or sumthin if ur not making clothes anymore. Thanks dude, and good luck with the new endeavor,….. you’re a true kick ass talent and you deserve the notoriaty.
    Cheers, Tess Buchanan

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