It’s a Royal Commission!

Forget what you think you know about people who make submissions on council policies – they don’t all wear grey cardigans and belts made out of old shoelaces. They’re actually all cool, and with-it, and groovy. Like you!

The three Commissioners

Not convinced are you?

Anyway, the Royal Commission on Auckland Governance is now receiving submissions, and if you even care very slightly about how the greater Auckland region works, you should consider making one. On their website, you can read the commissioners’ chatty “open letter”, which does read a little like it was penned by your slightly over-enthusiastic great-aunt, but gives the thrust of what they’re set up to examine in two easy sentences:

  • Are you happy with the form of local and regional government in Auckland?
  • If not, what changes would you like to see?

If you want to be thorough, you can read what the Commission believes are the major issues it needs to address here, but if you just want to make a submission along the lines of “Can we make it a rule that John Banks is never allowed to talk to me, under any circumstances?” you can go straight to the submissions page. It’s set up to be pretty user friendly, and if you do want to write that thesis on local government that you’ve been forming in your head whilst waiting for another late bus, you can send them that too.

Submissions close on April 22; public hearings on them will be held in the first three weeks of May and June.

We’ll look at some of the “issues” (“This play is about issues!” anyone?) a bit closer over the next week or so.


3 Responses

  1. Your link to issues to be addressed is corrupt – is corruption one of the issues?

  2. I’ve fixed the links for y’all. (But the first link is possibly different to what Bronwyn originally had – their website has weird page naming that doesn’t like to be link to)

  3. thats it, guy

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