It’s Not Just The Law, It’s The English Language

The Ponsonby Video Ezy (Movie Guarantee!) is one of Auckland’s better video stores. It’s constantly receiving new and unusual stock. The new arrivals section has become a must-peruse feature of the store.

However after renting Bender’s Big Score (the first of a number of straight to DVD releases for the previously canceled FOX show Futurama) I nearly flipped my lid.

The cover of rented DVD omitted the crucial apostrophe in “Bender’s.”

Wellington parachutist Hadyn Green immediately undertook to make a correction as seen below.


Yes, we did feel like big men.


Very big men.


3 Responses

  1. Sometimes you gots to lay down the law. Aw yee-yah.

  2. “grammer is not a joke”


  3. Luckily, Granma IS a bit of a joke.

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