Two short points on Auckland bookshops

1. Unity Books, probably the best Bookshop in Auckland (along with this one. And this one.) are having a sale, and it just got real crazy. Discounted books, most of which are going for, like, twelve or ten bucks, have just been marked down by 50%, and even my BA Majoring in English (not that you’d know it with all the commas in this sentenceyour English lecturer) brain can do that math. It’s not clear how long this As Seen On TV-style discounting is going to last, so I reckon you should get to the Auckland branch at 1 High Street, stat.

2. Borders may well be the Starbucks of book retail, all male white corporate oppression, but are you going to liberate the Borders employees from Stevie Wonder? My last three visits to the Queen St branch (hey, they send me vouchers) have been accompanied by the dulcet tones and funky basslines of the dreadlocked, sunnglass-ed maestro, in some kind of greatest hits package. You know, Superstition, Higher Ground and the like.

It could be worse, but if I’ve noticed Stevie in three infrequent visits, they must be thrashing it around the clock. And I bet it’s driving their  generally helpful and professional team nuts. I say pull your socks up, Borders, get some new CDs out of your impossible-to-open shrink wrapping, and give the team a break.


2 Responses

  1. Jason Books is having a sale, too. Not sure for how long, but I do recall the numbers 50% appearing as I breezed through there this afternoon (my office is in the building behind the shop).

  2. Yeah but Jason Books was shut over easter, booooo (though only a little booo)

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