Our own place

Hey, we’ve gone and got ourselves our very own domain name:


From now on, that’s where all the action is going to be, so change your bookmarks and update your feeds, cos this old site isn’t going to be around for much longer.

See you over there!


Twitter ahoy!

Have you ever wanted to tell people about something that’s going on RIGHT NOW in Auckland from your mobile phone? And at the same time receive updates to your phone from other people?  Well, thanks to Twitter and the lovely Brenda from Wellington, we now have an Aucklandista twitterbot up and running! So if you haven’t already got a twitter account, get one, and sign up to follow it. Once the bot is following you back, you can update the bot by prefixing any twitter messages with 09.You can use the bot to talk about whatever kind of Auckland events that you like. Some suggestions for the kinds of messages you might like to send out include:

  • 09 The motorway is jampacked today because of a crash. Go a different way.
  • 09 There’s someone giving out ice creams in Aotea Square
  • 09 There’s an awesome gig on tonight at the King’s Arms
  • 09 OMG Joss Whedon is at Burger King Queen Street right now.

Etc. Please feel free to ask any questions and we hope you enjoy the bot.

Contributors wanted

Hey you! Do you like Auckland? Do you like writing about it? Can you string two words or more together? Do you like us? Do you want to be one of us? We need more contributors. You can post what you want, when you want, and will get fantastic perks like interwebs fame, us being your friend, and errr all sorts of other things. So leave us a comment and we’ll be in touch.

We’re having our first Aucklandista meet-up at 5pm on Saturday March 1, in the Viaduct (eww, I know) area, so you should come along to that too. Wahoo!

Welcome to The Aucklandista

This is the sister site to The Wellingtonista. We hope to bring you the same kind of great insider knowledge, and information about events, places to eat and drink, things to do and issues with the buses that the Wellingtonista has been delivering for the past four years. We suspect there might be a different feel to the Aucklandista though, as it won’t be entirely populated by public servants, but we shall have to see!