Iced Coffee: an excursion

Coffee, with iceBucking the trend, this has fast become an iced-coffee summer in Heatherland (umm, a subset of Auckland, although the boundaries are a bit blurry). In London I got very used to the frappes at one of the coffee chains (London only does coffee in chains, except for the handful of cafes run by kiwis) but I get the impression that’s a Starbucks invention. I’ve heard a few people commenting that they hate Starbucks, but are addicted to the frappes (or whatever grandefrappilattewhackoccino name they have for ’em). WELL, turns out you don’t have to resort to Starbucks to indulge your frappe addiction, but you do have to choose the right cafe. The term is open to a lot of interpretation depending on one’s cafe of choice, and I have no idea if this is a relatively recent thing or I just never drank any iced coffee in NZ before. Continue reading