Dust off your boat shoes

P3070015aAuckland. It’s great, but it’s not all noodle bars and car-fes. No, we live in the city of sails, team, and the Auckland International Boat Show is on this weekend.

It’s all happening in and around the Viaduct basin, with a fine array of boats and yachts in all shapes, sizes and budgets, as well as loads of boating bits and pieces.

It’s $16 to get in for the day – and you need to take your shoes off to clamber on board most of the boats, so go prepared with a slinky set of boat shoes or elegently wasted jandals.

It’s a fantastic spot for people watching, with salty sea dogs rubbing shoulders with American millionaires shopping for the next Launch in the fleet. New Zealand’s boat builders are world-renowned and some of the vessels on display are just beautiful. Recommended.


The lanes, they are a’changing

Auckland is not a cycling town. Turn up to work on a bike, and people assume you ‘flat’ with your parents, and aren’t moving out anytime soon. Auckland’s city councils are trying to push cycling with a network of new cycle ways, but come on – this is Auckland, it’s all Beemers, drive through hairdressers and no stopping at red lights. Lake Road’s cycle lanes have received much negative press from local motorists and Metro, who ask “why does a whole line of traffic have to slow down for one fitness-obsessed rider in terrible pants, with a geeky helmet and scant regard for the road rules?” But what are they like to actually ride on? Saddle up and find out after the jump… Continue reading

Aucklandista guide to watching international Cricket this summer

Cricket’s a summer bat and ball game invented by England but perfected by the West Indies, India, Pakistan and Australia (boo!). Being English, there’s a whole bunch of complicated rules, but they won’t concern you when you’re deciding if you can still eat a hot dog dropped in a beer. Keen to get involved? There’s an FAQ after the jump… Continue reading