I want to ride it where I like

Fancy a bike ride but can’t face levering the trusty ten speed from behind Granddad’s train set in the shed? Seems you’re in luck, ‘cos Goodgear bike racks are springing up around Auckland City.

It seems pretty easy – you call or text to unlock a cruiser-style bike for as long as you like, and drop it off at any rack when you’re done. The bikes look modern and well maintained, and come with helmet, lights, and a nifty rack for your shopping.

The website uses Google maps to keep track of the bikes, and racks are dotted around the central city, from Symonds St to the Viaduct (obligatory Aucklandista viaduct Booooo! goes here). If you’re confident cycling around town, they’d be great for zipping to meet a mate for coffee, or you could take one to Mission Bay for fish ‘n chips of a weekend.

This is not an answer to Paris’s VĂ©lib‘, or “freedom bike”, a state-sponsored scheme that has the French cycling to the theatre or picking up bread, cheese and a little wine from the market, all the while smoking a Gauloise, but it’s a start. The Goodgear team seems to have some council co-operation, securing prominent locations for racks on Queen Street.

What do you think? Would you ride a bike around Auckland? There’s all those hills to contend with, not to mention rabid drivers, but this seems a sensible part of the continuing effort to get Aucklanders out of their cars. Go Goodgear.


The lanes, they are a’changing

Auckland is not a cycling town. Turn up to work on a bike, and people assume you ‘flat’ with your parents, and aren’t moving out anytime soon. Auckland’s city councils are trying to push cycling with a network of new cycle ways, but come on – this is Auckland, it’s all Beemers, drive through hairdressers and no stopping at red lights. Lake Road’s cycle lanes have received much negative press from local motorists and Metro, who ask “why does a whole line of traffic have to slow down for one fitness-obsessed rider in terrible pants, with a geeky helmet and scant regard for the road rules?” But what are they like to actually ride on? Saddle up and find out after the jump… Continue reading

Northern Busway: Fisking the Herald

For Aucklanders, traffic is big, right up there with property prices and ‘How’s my hair?’. THAT big. So when I moved to the Shore (love makes you do crazy things, team), getting to work weighed heavily on my mind. I mean, Shore traffic is crap, right? The Northern Motorway is one big car park, right? Turns out I was wrong, the Shore is a haven of public transport – but not according to the Herald. Jump to find out why Granny Herald is talking out its delivery bay.

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