Jo Hubris

Joanna writes Hubris and edits The Wellingtonista, but she’s in Auckland so often that she feels inclined to have her fingers in this pie too. Her day job involves managing web communities, after all. She thinks Auckland is a great place to visit, and her hobbies include drinking, eating and drinking.

Robyn Gallagher

Robyn’s been living in Auckland for almost as long as she’s been blogging at her website, which is a while. She lives in the shadow of Mt Eden, and can often be found frequenting the cafes of Mt Eden or ridin’ the 274. Robyn rather likes Auckland, even though it has troubles.

José Barbosa

Has been living in Auckland since he realised he had to get a life. Enjoys milkshakes and that utterly disturbing thing with nipples outside The Tanuki Cave. Hang on. I’d better post about that.

Works at bFM.

Ryan Sproull

Ryan is occasionally the utterly disturbing thing with nipples outside The Tanuki Cave. He used to edit Craccum magazine, but now divides his time between being quoted in Ian Wishart books and riding around a little 50cc mini-chopper that just oozes heterosexuality. Also, he was Born on State Highway One, which makes him entirely above all of these territorial pissings.

Richard Irvine

Richard is a straight out sport nut with a potty mouth, but reckons his keen interest in the web, film, music, pub quizzes and stuffing his gob make him a well rounded individual. He’s flatted all over Auckland, but now lives accross the bridge on the big bad Shore.

Heather Gaye

Fights, codes, famous to her family. May one day revive her home site. Only put the link in because everyone else was doing it.

Danielle (dimsie)

Grew up on the Shore and now lives out west, making her doubly reviled by all right-thinking people. Spent some time flatting in Kingsland before realising that selling her kidneys for the rent money was probably short-sighted. Commutes to and from the Big Little City on Auckland’s wonderful public transport. Has an erratically updated blog.

Wallace Weasel

Has had nothing to do since Metro fired him after he underwent gender reassignment surgery. Is happy to be here to leak secrets and scandals.


2 Responses

  1. I love your site! 🙂

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

  2. hello there – please contact me at your earliest convenience regarding a paid blogging opportunity for an iPhone travel app. i’m interested in the local perspective on events, arts, shopping, the arts, music, and food/drink.

    best regards,

    Daniel T Wood

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