It’s Not Just The Law, It’s The English Language

The Ponsonby Video Ezy (Movie Guarantee!) is one of Auckland’s better video stores. It’s constantly receiving new and unusual stock. The new arrivals section has become a must-peruse feature of the store.

However after renting Bender’s Big Score (the first of a number of straight to DVD releases for the previously canceled FOX show Futurama) I nearly flipped my lid.

The cover of rented DVD omitted the crucial apostrophe in “Bender’s.”

Wellington parachutist Hadyn Green immediately undertook to make a correction as seen below.


Yes, we did feel like big men.


Very big men.


The Auckland Easter Show 2008

Easter weekend is here, and that means it’s time for the Auckland Easter Show (not to be confused with the Aucklandista Show, which took place at a downtown bar a few weeks ago).

The Royal Easter Show (to give it its proper, Queen-approved name) is a 165-year-old event on the Auckland calendar, providing us 09ers with entertainment based around sheep, the Gravitron, and vegetable slicers.

After the jump, the ghosts of Easter shows past and present.
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It’s not ‘The Wire’ but at least it’s not ‘Barb Wire’

Which famous former resident will be returning to which famous street from a Central American location shortly?

(Psst, looks like TVNZ shot their load a little early…)

Twitter ahoy!

Have you ever wanted to tell people about something that’s going on RIGHT NOW in Auckland from your mobile phone? And at the same time receive updates to your phone from other people?  Well, thanks to Twitter and the lovely Brenda from Wellington, we now have an Aucklandista twitterbot up and running! So if you haven’t already got a twitter account, get one, and sign up to follow it. Once the bot is following you back, you can update the bot by prefixing any twitter messages with 09.You can use the bot to talk about whatever kind of Auckland events that you like. Some suggestions for the kinds of messages you might like to send out include:

  • 09 The motorway is jampacked today because of a crash. Go a different way.
  • 09 There’s someone giving out ice creams in Aotea Square
  • 09 There’s an awesome gig on tonight at the King’s Arms
  • 09 OMG Joss Whedon is at Burger King Queen Street right now.

Etc. Please feel free to ask any questions and we hope you enjoy the bot.

Dust off your boat shoes

P3070015aAuckland. It’s great, but it’s not all noodle bars and car-fes. No, we live in the city of sails, team, and the Auckland International Boat Show is on this weekend.

It’s all happening in and around the Viaduct basin, with a fine array of boats and yachts in all shapes, sizes and budgets, as well as loads of boating bits and pieces.

It’s $16 to get in for the day – and you need to take your shoes off to clamber on board most of the boats, so go prepared with a slinky set of boat shoes or elegently wasted jandals.

It’s a fantastic spot for people watching, with salty sea dogs rubbing shoulders with American millionaires shopping for the next Launch in the fleet. New Zealand’s boat builders are world-renowned and some of the vessels on display are just beautiful. Recommended.

How about some Poly-Asian Space Cadetery tonight?

Tokyo-based Maori musician Ben Kemp touches down in March for a national album tour for The Un-Cut Apple.

Accompanied by three Japanese musicians Koyu Suzuki, Taro and Mitsuru Ogata, the sound of Ben Kemp & Uminari fuses modern Japanese music and sweet harmonies with Kemp’s lyrical Aotearoa born vibe and motifs.Ben Kemp & Uminari formed in Tokyo in 2006 and the tour offers audiences in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch a chance to take a bite of their third album, The Un-Cut Apple live.

Sure, it’s a little bit of late notice, but Aucklanders are known to fly by the seat of their pants, right? So get down to The Classic tonight and check out the show. If you need two more reasons, the Classic is a fantastic music venue, the fabulous and very talented Anna Coddington is playing support, and as a bonus you might still be able to buy chocolate vodka and chili/garlic vodka shots.

It’s a Royal Commission!

Forget what you think you know about people who make submissions on council policies – they don’t all wear grey cardigans and belts made out of old shoelaces. They’re actually all cool, and with-it, and groovy. Like you!

The three Commissioners

Not convinced are you?

Anyway, the Royal Commission on Auckland Governance is now receiving submissions, and if you even care very slightly about how the greater Auckland region works, you should consider making one. Continue reading