How about some Poly-Asian Space Cadetery tonight?

Tokyo-based Maori musician Ben Kemp touches down in March for a national album tour for The Un-Cut Apple.

Accompanied by three Japanese musicians Koyu Suzuki, Taro and Mitsuru Ogata, the sound of Ben Kemp & Uminari fuses modern Japanese music and sweet harmonies with Kemp’s lyrical Aotearoa born vibe and motifs.Ben Kemp & Uminari formed in Tokyo in 2006 and the tour offers audiences in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch a chance to take a bite of their third album, The Un-Cut Apple live.

Sure, it’s a little bit of late notice, but Aucklanders are known to fly by the seat of their pants, right? So get down to The Classic tonight and check out the show. If you need two more reasons, the Classic is a fantastic music venue, the fabulous and very talented Anna Coddington is playing support, and as a bonus you might still be able to buy chocolate vodka and chili/garlic vodka shots.