Cross Street Carnival

Cross StreetYou know Cross Street? It runs parallel to K Road, between Upper Queen Street and Mercury Lane.¬†It’s the real¬†bad-ass looking street that gets used in TV commercials whenever Auckland needs to look gritty and urban. Yeah, that one.

So, this Saturday, 16 February, is the Cross Street Carnival. Awesome! The official word promises:

Celebrating the year of the rat K Road styles. Street level entertainment, bad ass crafts, mad ethic eats, fruity performance art, dancing, human mayhem, hot local bands and major pandemonium all up your neighbourhood.

There used to be a K Road Karnival, but as K Road is a major inner-city road and motorway feeder, it never quite worked.

Cross Street, however, is a li’l one-way street that’s slowly becoming more vibrant and arty and less utilitarian, so I reckon it’ll be worth checking out.