Girls! Geeks! Go!

The Wellingtonista may be all atwitter right now about the Wellington GirlGeek Dinner on March 12 which is one ticket away from selling out, but did you know that it was Auckland which had the country’s first GirlGeek Dinner? No? Well now you do. And it’s having another one, and so Amanda Jackson would like your help! 

Hi Everyone,
I’m looking for some female volunteers to speak for 5 mins about their job/career at the next Auckland Girl Geek Dinner on the 27th March. We’d like you to talk about the technology you work with, the industry you work in or your career and how to get into that industry/career. Please feel free to pass this request on to anyone you think may be interested in speaking either on this topic or on another topic of their choice. To find out more about GGD go to, and if you could get back to me over the next week with any offers to speak that would be very helpful.

Cheers, Amanda

So, what are you waiting for?