Rasta Thomas’ Rock the Ballet


When:  Wed 13th June

Where: Bruce Mason Centre, Takapuna

What:  Rasta Thomas’ Rock the Ballet

I headed along to this show on Wednesday night not sure what I was expecting to see and therefore with no expectations, however, even if my expectations had been insanely high they would have still been blown out of the water.    

This show needs no stage set, they masterfully use dance, lighting, modern and classical music, and a video backdrop to create beautiful pieces of art.  The audience are encouraged to join in before the dancers even grace the stage, with a warning that spontaneous dancing may occur, and the dancers when they appear acknowledge the audience and get everyone clapping along with the music.  

The music is loud, the bass thumping, and it’s very hard to avoid tapping your feet in time to the music, the dancers combine the discipline and strength of ballet with modern dance styles such as hip hop and the Michael Jackson trouser grab.  Each piece of music has a beautifully choreographed dance that whilst being a stand alone piece, also blends and merges with the other pieces.

The stand out pieces for me had to be the opener of act II, a musical interlude written by Clint Mansell which for me showed the dancers at their full potential.   

This was a show made of ballet, gymnastics, hip-hop and modern dance, that whilst not being the best choreography I’ve seen, there was a lot of repetition, it certainly was entertaining and the crowd all seemed to fully enjoy themselves.

The only downside for me was possibly at the end when they did a bit of a mickey take of male strippers (without the stripping obviously).  It was unnecessary when the rest of the show had been mostly classy apart from the comedy dance to Carmen with inflatable dolls, which managed to avoid seedy by being hugely fun and very funny, it reminded me of the skits the Two Ronnies used to do, totally outrageous without being particularly offensive.